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How can I see what someone is currently working on?

Utilizing "Started" or "Working Now" columns on your Kanban boards is a great way to track what people are currently working on.

One recommended approach is to have a column on your Kanban board specifically for tickets that are in progress, often called the "started" column. This column can show all the tickets that a technician has started working on and are still within their responsibility to complete, without being blocked by anyone else. Ideally, there should only be one ticket in this column at any given time, but in some cases, there may be multiple tickets if the situation is chaotic. However, it's important to note that tracking what a technician is currently working on is not always the most critical aspect of a Kanban board.

If you do need to track real-time support, such as phone calls or urgent tickets that are assigned to technicians, you can create another column called "working now" or a similar name and map a corresponding status in your PSA tool to this column. Technicians can then move the ticket they are actively working on into this column to indicate their current task. It's important to communicate and ensure that all engineers are aware of the process and consistently update the column to accurately reflect their current work status.