Log into TopLeft

How to access TopLeft

If You Received an Invitation Email

If you received an email invitation, just click the link in the email. You will set your password and log in immediately.

Your username is the same as that of your PSA username, but your password is different.

If You Didn't Receive an Invitation Email

First check your spam folder for your invitation.

If you really didn't receive an invitation email, you can log in by following these steps:

  1. Visit your TopLeft application URL. For example, https://example.topleft.team/. If you don't know the URL, ask your team lead or administrator of your PSA.
  2. Click the "Reset your password" link.
  3. Submit your username for your PSA. We'll send you an email with a link for setting your password.
  4. Open the email and follow the link for setting your password. If you don't see the email after a few minutes, check your spam box.
  5. Submit a new password.
  6. Log in using your PSA username and the password you just set.

You don't need to supply your name or email address in TopLeft because these are taken from your account in your PSA.


Having trouble logging in? Check that you're using your PSA's username, not your email address.