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Manage Kanban Boards

TopLeft Kanban boards display cards for a single type of record from the PSA.

This article is a brief description of how to manage boards. For a reference of the fields available to control boards, see Options for Kanban Boards.

Show Me

Watch this video for an introduction to creating Kanban boards for MSPs.

Add a Board

To add a board, as an administrator click Boards in the main menu, then click Add Board, then select the type of board to create. You are shown three tabs for configuring it:

  1. General: name, ordering, basic display options, swimlanes, and ranking options
  2. Filters: controls which records appear on the board
  3. Columns: defines the columns on the Kanban board. To change the order of the columns, click the column-reorder-handle icon and drag to the left or right. If there are too many columns to display in the width of the page, use the horizontal scrollbar to view the columns on the right.


The General tab offers options for basic configuration, showing what fields appear on cards, swimlanes, and ranking options.

  • Card fields: Which fields appear on the cards. You can show many fields to see many details all at once, but the cards take up more screen space so you'll see fewer cards at once. Or you can show few fields, to see fewer details but more cards at once.
  • Metrics: Controls which card counts and summaries are shown.
  • Swimlanes: Defines how records are grouped. For more information see Show Work In Groups with Swimlanes.
  • Ranking: Cards can be ranked manually by dragging cards to certain positions on the board, or be ranked automatically by up to three properties of the records. For more information see Ranking Cards.


Kanban boards are a view into the data in your PSA. It's similar to how you might show a report of all the tickets in your PSA, then define a saved search that shows you a particular subset of your tickets. You can think of the Kanban board as a saved search showing some or all of your records.

To select the records to appear on the board, make a selection in the appropriate filter fields. For example, to show tickets assigned to a particular ConnectWise board or Autotask queue, click the board or queue name in the Available side of the field to move it to the Selected side of the field.

For fields that don't apply to your filtering, just leave the fields blank- leave every record in the Available side and nothing in the Selected side.


Columns track the lifecycle of the work shown on the Kanban board. Every column is associated with one or more lifecycle statuses/stages.

Columns should be set up such that work starts out on the left side of the board and moves toward the right side of the board as it gets closer to being complete.

To add a column, click:


When you're done making changes, click one of the Save buttons at the bottom of the page.

Edit a Board

To edit a board, browse to the board and click the Edit button near the board's title:

Clone a Board

To make a copy of a board, begin editing the board. At the bottom of the page, click Actions, then click Clone Board.

Delete a Board

To make a copy of a board, begin editing the board. At the bottom of the page, click Actions, then click Delete.