How to Contact Us for Help

All the ways to get help from TopLeft

We're here to help, whether you've used TopLeft for a few days, a few years, or haven't used it before at all.

Our support hours are 8:30 AM to 5 PM Pacific time weekdays.

If your request has to do with a service interruption, first check our status page.

Make a Support Ticket

The help desk is for assistance with TopLeft configuration, usage, and non-urgent operational issues (for example, data not being quite up-to-date).

To make a support ticket, do one of these:

  • Email
  • Register at the support portal and submit your ticket using the form there. The portal allows you to see your history of tickets.

Report an Operational Problem

To report a high-impact, urgent operational problem that's slipped through our monitoring (for example, your app fails to load), submit the form at . This will page the on-call engineer.

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