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Understanding Data Synchronization

All the details on how data goes between TopLeft and your PSA

TopLeft displays data from ConnectWise PSA and Datto Autotask PSA and keeps its own copy of tickets, opportunities, members, and other records.

Records are updated in three ways:

  1. Periodic synchronization as follows:
    1. Every 5 minutes, fetch any records that have been added or updated since the last synchronization job. No records are deleted.
    2. Every 30 minutes, fetch members, projects, opportunities, territories, companies, open tickets, and ticket assignments. Records that have been deleted in the PSA are deleted during this task.
    3. Every 4 hours, fetch boards and board statuses, teams, ticket priorities, company statuses, locations, time entries, opportunity statuses and types, project statuses, SLAs and SLA priorities, calendars, holidays, and schedule statuses and types and types, subtypes and items. Records that have been deleted in the PSA are deleted during this task.
    4. Every 24 hours, for ConnectWise only, fetch service notes and opportunity notes. This is done infrequently because of limitations in the ConnectWise API that make this a slow procedure.
  2. When a notification is received from the PSA that records have changed. ConnectWise notifies TopLeft when any key type of record changes. Autotask notifies only when a ticket changes (not a task or project). This allows TopLeft to stay up-to-date in real time for these critical types of records.
  3. Updates sent from TopLeft to the PSA- when a record is updated in TopLeft (for example, a ticket status is changed, or a resource is added to a service ticket), we update the record in the PSA.

All communication between the PSA and TopLeft is via HTTP-based APIs and uses TLS encryption.

TopLeft only downloads records that are necessary for displaying Kanban boards. For example, it ignores quotes, since those are not relevant to Kanban boards, and it omits old closed tickets, since old closed tickets are never shown on a board. When a record is no longer returned by the PSA's API, it is deleted from the TopLeft database. Records may remain in our backups for about seven days.

Card ranks are only used by TopLeft and are not stored in the PSA.