Use ConnectWise Member API Keys in TopLeft

Improve the ConnectWise audit trail and make the user's actions subject to their security role restrictions

TopLeft can make changes to tickets, projects, and other records as if an individual ConnectWise member made the change in the ConnectWise application. This allows:

  • The audit trail for a ticket, project, or opportunity to show which member made the change, rather than showing the change was made by the general TopLeft API member.
  • Show ticket and time entry notes as being entered by the member when sending notes to customers, rather than showing they were made by the general TopLeft API member.
  • Changes to be subjected to the member's security role restrictions.

By default, changes made to records in Kanban are made using the general TopLeft member. To configure TopLeft to use API keys for your ConnectWise user account, follow the instructions below.

The following video explains how to create ConnectWise member keys.

Required Permissions

To perform these steps, ConnectWise members must have permission to create their own API keys. This permission is found in System > Security Roles > security role of members > System > My Account > Customize, then ensure "Allow access to these" includes "API Keys".

Starting in ConnectWise 2020.4, additional permissions are required for entering time. For the security roles used by members, ensure these permissions are available from Finance section, Billing View Time record:

  • Edit: all
  • Inquire: all

Create ConnectWise API Keys

  1. In ConnectWise Manage, in the top right corner click your name, then click My Account.

  2. Click the API Keys tab.

  3. Click the "+" button to create a new API key.

  4. Enter a description for the API key. For example, "TopLeft Keys".

  5. Click the save icondisk01.

  6. After clicking save, your API keys are displayed. The private key is only available at the time the key is created. Please make a note of it.

Save ConnectWise API Keys in TopLeft

  1. In TopLeft, in the top right corner click your name, then click Account.

  2. Click ConnectWise Member API Keys.

  3. Enter the public and private keys you created in ConnectWise into the form and click save.

  4. Click Save. TopLeft will check the credentials and show a message indicating if the test succeeded or failed.

That's it! When you change data in TopLeft, the update in ConnectWise will show it was you who made the change.

For more information on creating API keys, review the ConnectWise documentation.