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What is the purpose of the "scheduled" column?

The "scheduled" column is used to track tickets or tasks that have been planned or scheduled for future work.

Scheduling TL

This column is used to represent upcoming work that has been allocated or assigned to team members, but has not yet started. It is typically used for tickets or tasks where the next step is defined and will happen at a specific time and date, such as going on-site to perform work or scheduling a phone call with a customer. The "scheduled" column allows teams to keep track of upcoming work and ensure that it is accounted for in their workflow and calendar. Once the scheduled time arrives, the ticket or task can be moved to the appropriate column to indicate that it has started or is in progress.

Columns labelled as "Scheduled" only reflect the ticket's status and are not directly related to PSA's schedule entries. See What goes in the columns? for a video explanation of how column to status mappings work.