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What is the WIP (Work In Progress) limit and how does it help me?

The WIP limit sets a maximum number of ongoing tickets in a specific column, reducing multitasking and improving efficiency, resulting in faster ticket resolution and ultimately higher customer satisfaction.

The WIP (Work in Progress) limit, is the maximum number of tickets that should be in progress or ongoing at any given time. In TopLeft, you can set this limit per column to ensure that there are not too many tickets being worked on simultaneously.

The WIP limit helps by addressing the issue of multitasking or having too much work in progress. When technicians have too many tickets in progress at once, it can lead to slower progress on each ticket and create delays in completing them. It can also increase stress for the technicians and result in a poor experience for customers and the team.

By setting a WIP limit, you are encouraging technicians to focus on a smaller number of tickets at a time, and to finish work before starting new tasks. This helps in increasing productivity, reducing multitasking, and improving the overall flow of work. It enables technicians to dedicate their attention and efforts to completing tasks efficiently, leading to faster resolution of tickets and better customer satisfaction.

In summary, the WIP limit is a tool that helps in managing the amount of work in progress, improving workflow efficiency, reducing multitasking, and ultimately delivering better results for the team and the customers.

Tutorial on setting up WIP limits