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How does drag and drop work?

Dragging and dropping cards in TopLeft is a lot like moving sticky notes around on a whiteboard: move them between columns and swimlanes, wherever you like.

You can drag and drop within a column to adjust the "rank", or priority compared to other cards. This is a global rank, shared across all Kanban boards and filtersets.

You can move cards left or right between columns to update the status in the PSA. If there are multiple statuses mapped, it will ask you which one to use. PSA will get updated immediately.

You can also move between the horizontal swimlanes. See the KB articles below for where this is applicable, such as between resource swimlanes.

Click the button with 3 dots at the top of the column to see which boards and statuses are mapped to the particular column.

This applies to all board types: tickets, projects, opportunities,  and activities.

For more details, see: